Silk Yogurt Alternatives

blueberry yogurt smoothie

As a Registered Dietitian, clients always ask me how they can incorporate smoothies or other on-the-go meals into their daily routine. While I very rarely suggest that a smoothie is the only option for breakfast daily, it can be a good option to rely on when time is tight and we’re rushing out the door

What I Ate Wednesday 4.10.13


Hello again for another installment of What I Ate Wednesday.  One small confession — I forgot to take a picture of my salad at lunch.  So sorry.  I was doing a million things during my lunch hour (trying to reach Boo, google mapping — more on that later, planning dinner, thinking about my next manicure,

Say Yes To The Dress


OMG I love Kleinfeld’s.  Seriously.  If you are getting married, call them now.  You always hear horror stories about girls who have a miserable dress-shopping experience, but I cannot say enough about the service and professionalism at Kleinfeld’s. I had been shopping a few weeks earlier at Amsale and Gabriella with my mum, my aunt and my sister, and

Dress Shopping…Again

OK team, we’re off for the second time.  Remember our first time?  Anyway, hoping this time around we find the winner! Same people, different locations — Kleinfelds, Saks and Reem Acra…here we come! Can’t wait to share with you what I can (sorry, you won’t see the actual dress I picked until the wedding…)!  Stay

Thoughts on Weddings

From this New York Times article to this Huffington Post article, it seems like everyone is talking about weddings.  What’s up with that?  Obviously I want to be all up in that, I am getting married after all… Just kidding, obviously not everyone is talking about weddings — but, it does pique my interest when I see all of the assorted write-ups, especially in

Crazy for Quackers


Guys, this is serious. Like please stop everything you are doing to read this. I put down my Weight Watchers cookies and cream bar to type this. That is huge. I discovered a new obsession today – rosemary quackers from One Lucky Duck. And they are re-donk-a-donk. Cray. You get the picture… One Lucky

What I Ate Wednesday


Back again with more What I Ate Wednesday.  Curious about the past two weeks?  Check here and here… For breakfast I topped 1C of 1% Friendship Cottage Cheese with sliced strawberries: And picked up Starbucks on the way to work (blonde, nonfat misto — so good!): I was recently introduced to Beyond Sushi and stopped by to pick

Maryland Basketball

My bracket…is done.  Like I’m not even close to winning.  I might come in last.   So tonight, instead of watching NCAA basketball on TV, Boo and I are headed to the Maryland – Iowa game at Madison Square Garden.  Go Terps! There are few things that get Boo going the way Maryland basketball does:

Sunday Snapshots 3.31.13


Boo and I were pretty busy this weekend — running around all over.  Here are a few shots detailing what we were up to:Finally warm enough for flats (yes!!): We went to see a few hotels to view possible rooms for our wedding guests — more on that later! A lighting fixture at Ink48: Then headed

Quest Nutrition Bars


I love trying new foods — so when I kept seeing Quest Nutrition bars all over the interwebs, I knew I had to get my paws on a few. Specifically, kiss my broccoli and healthy diva eats continuously sparked my interest on Instagram. Thanks, girls!! So, last night after dinner I ran — literally ran,