Sunday Snapshots 3.31.13


Boo and I were pretty busy this weekend — running around all over.  Here are a few shots detailing what we were up to:

Finally warm enough for flats (yes!!):

We went to see a few hotels to view possible rooms for our wedding guests — more on that later!

A lighting fixture at Ink48:

Then headed to The W Hotel and left with some Bliss goodies:

And got a ride home from the hotel’s Acura program — did you know this existed?   The driver will take you anywhere in Manhattan below 86th street.  Our driver said last weekend he took a few couples to Studio450 — our wedding venue!

We were meeting friends in Hoboken in the evening (congratulations to Keith and Becky!!)

Boo and I had sushi for dinner:

And who can say no to 16 Handles?

I have a problem with samples…as mentioned on instagram, I love them:

By the way, just to clarify, there is a paper tasting-cup in the palm of my hand.  I am not that much of a wolf (yet). 

Cake batter, graham cracker and salted caramel…so good:

With some lovely toppings AKA a perfect excuse to eat candy:

View of NYC from Hoboken:

Today I had brunch with an old friend —

Moroccan baked eggs at Barbounia:

I couldn’t help but take a shot of this lovely corner lot — Wolf Home:

Later in the day Boo and I shared some matzah pizza…an old Wolf family recipe:

That’s some of what we were up to this weekend…how about you?

The Future Mrs. Wolf