DIY Silver Sharpie Bowl


If you’re a big Pinterest fan (or maybe even if you are not) you may have seen the sharpie on ceramic DIY craze? The projects were quite impressive — and if you have nice handwriting, this could totally be great giftable!  I wanted to try my paw hand at it…here’s what I came up with:

Dryer Sheets


I was definitely a hoarder in my past life. Like without a doubt, I needed an intervention. I’m sure I only hoarded the finest things though, like avocados, diamonds and silver spray paint. That’s the life! I love to repurpose things. Anything that has potential for another use, really.  Exhibit A: dryer sheets I use

Little Changes In The Kitchen


It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Target.  Or maybe it is — in which case, now the cat’s out of the bag.   I love a good Sunday afternoon perusing the aisles. (By the way, have you seen the new Threshold line?  Too cute! So many goodies!) I recently saw these ladies on the

DIY Flowers, Take Two


My future mother and father-in-law (the current Mr. and Mrs. Wolf) sent me flowers this week — so sweet!  The flowers were a large bouquet of purple and yellow tulips.  I love fresh flowers around the house, and this was a great surprise!Remember how I keep flowers longer through DIY flowers?  Although I’m not a florist

Side Table Re-Decoration


There are many things I question with respect to builders’ decisions about where to splurge and where to save when constructing a new building. But one thing that gets me every time: overhead lighting. Why so scarce, sir?  Many an apartment lacks overhead lighting in rooms other than the bathroom and kitchen. In our apartment

I Am An Arteeest


OMG totally joking.  I’m literally the furthest thing from artist who has ever lived.  Ever!  I have big dreams when it comes to DIY projects. Sometimes I recognize the impossibility of my plans, other times not. This would be a not.  Do you remember our bedroom lamp installation? Well, there’s a very large painting centered

Don’t Slam That Door!


My soon-to-be father-in-law is a jack of all trades. Though not a professional handyman, he is a skilled craftsman and is my go-to for home improvement questions.  A project that’s been on my to-do list for a while is installing soft closures for our kitchen cabinets. Soft closures are additions added to existing hinges which

Silver Coffee Beans


A few months ago, I saw this pin on my beloved Pinterest and really wanted to recreate silver coffee beans. Remember my coffee bean makeup brush holders? What can I say? I’m big on the bean!  After doing a little more research – as in, clicking the picture and being redirected to the link – I noticed

Lacquered Boxes


I was at Gracious Home last month and noticed this lacquered beauty for $90. Pretty? Yes. Worth the money? Unlikely. I was Inspired by the DIY lacquer box featured on Centsational Girl’s blog. And, as a lover of shiny things, I thought I’ll try my hand at that, too.  This was not a typical studio project.  There was

A Gussied Toilet Tank


Let’s talk about the toilet tank, shall we?  Since I have already welcomed you into our master bathroom a few too many times, I figured why not once more?  There was the DIY stereo, the bathroom stripes and now the toilet tank! Are you someone who tops the toilet tank?  I think that’s a girl thing for sure.  You