Makeup Brush Holders and Cleaning Tips


This is really important. Like, it’s critical.  In today’s installment of “things Boo finds completely useless,” we’re talking about makeup! What is more pressing? Right? Okay, maybe not… I recently got a new Bobbi Brown brush set and realized I really didn’t like the carrier case the brushes came in. Unzip, remove, use, replace to

DIY Flowers (sort of…)


Have you ever displayed a bouquet of flowers, and a few days later some stems have died?  I find this often happens when there are two different colors of the same flower.  I attribute this to one color or variety being fresher than the other, but it’s just a guess.  I’m no botanist, just a

Floating Frame


Do you remember the menu wall in our apartment featuring menus from our engagement and the night we chose our wedding venue?  Here we go with another addition…   For Valentine’s Day, Boo and I went to Public.  As promised, we took a menu to commemorate the evening.  I’ll admit, this is not the most special menu, but it’s

All Things Spice


When I moved into Boo’s apartment, the spices were stored on top of the stove.  This is because the stove was never used.  No offense to Boo, but we needed to find another solution.  Compromises, right?   So, we installed these small shelves on the kitchen wall (they are straight – I don’t know why

DIY Stereo


In our next home (you know: the one we gut, renovate and build exactly how we want), I plan to have a home speaker system.  This will allow me to stream Pandora’s Carrie Underwood station (actually, all country music stations) all day and hear them in every room!   Don’t worry – Boo is totally in on this.

How to Clean Your Microwave


I’m a bit of a clean kitchen nut, which of course, includes the microwave.  And that leads me right into the question: how do you clean your microwave?  Honestly, I am curious.  I like this stuff.  Well, really I enjoy chatter of all kinds.  But, who doesn’t love a good juicy conversation about a microwave?  OK,

Silver Scalloped Bowl


My sister came over for dinner one night this week, I made her spicy shrimp + grits.  This time, I added lots of garlic and cajun spice then followed the same recipe I posted before.  I made a garbage salad for myself with roasted carrots, black beans, edamame, a chopped veggie burger and cilantro, mixed together with olive oil

From Drab to Fab – The Spray Paint Edition


If you have been reading from the beginning, you are likely familiar with my affinity for a good can of spray paint and my studio.  If you are a new reader, welcome!  In an effort to spruce up some dark wooden frames we had displayed around our apartment (including one for our menu wall), I took to my

Engineer Prints


We had two sections of our wall in need of some attention. We didn’t find anything we wanted to buy, so I decided to DIY engineer prints.  I was inspired by Pinterest, of course. Where else would a gal gather inspiration?Once I had this idea in mind, I chose the photographs I wanted to display.

Candles to Vases


Do you burn candles at home? Okay, silly question.  How many candles do you burn at home?  If you’re like me – the answer is a lot, much to Boo’s dismay.  And many are housed in beautiful glass jars. So it seems silly (to me) to throw these out once the candle has burned its