Silver Scalloped Bowl

My sister came over for dinner one night this week, I made her spicy shrimp + grits.  This time, I added lots of garlic and cajun spice then followed the same recipe I posted before.  I made a garbage salad for myself with roasted carrots, black beans, edamame, a chopped veggie burger and cilantro, mixed together with olive oil and truffle salt.  Oh yes…

I had a DIY project in the back of my mind for weeks.  Okay, full disclosure – that makes it sound a little more intense than this one actually is.  But, my sister and I decided to do the project together the night she came over… 

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me post this photo…a typical Saturday afternoon with my engagement ring on a Target shelf (sorry, Boo!):

Anyway, as I was saying – big plans!  I wanted to create a decorative edge around the bowl, and of course I was going to use spray paint.  Hello! What else is there in this world, right? Just kidding…sort of.  Actually not kidding at all. 

Tools you will need:
1 ceramic bowl
1 roll of painters tape (we used 2″)
1 single hole punch (we used a 1″ punch similar to this)
1 can spray paint, color of your choosing
1 can polyurethane or jar of minwax (we used polyurethane in this project, but minwax in this project)

To the studio!

1. With a large hole punch, cut circles from the painters tape (I found it was easiest to have the sticky side facing up, then guiding the punch over the tape)
2. Adhere tape to bowl in a design that is appealing to you (we laid the tape on the lip of the bowl so that half was inside and half was outside of the bowl), continue until fully covered
3. Using the excess tape (it will have holes in it, but that’s fine) and scraps of tape, cover the outside of the bowl so that no spray paint gets on it – you can also use whole pieces of tape if you aren’t cheap environmentally friendly like I am 😉
4. Once your bowl is fully covered, spray paint the interior part of the bowl, remove the tape and wait 24-48 hours to let the paint dry – remember, it should not be tacky or sticky 
5. When your paint is fully dry, apply polyurethane or minwax, and let dry at least 24 hours before placing anything in the bowl – especially diamonds!  No one likes a spray painted diamond…

My large single hole puncher:

The tape with one hole punched out:

The punch just slides down the tape:

 The bowl 3/4 covered with tape:

 Close up of the tape:

Fully covered bowl:

We used scraps of tape to cover the edges:

The sprayed bowl in my studio:

Finished product: 

My ring in the transformed ceramic bowl:

What do you think of this scalloped edge bowl?  What would you use the bowl for?

The Future Mrs. Wolf