Aläng Lights

The main lighting source in our bedroom is controlled through a switch by the door.  While this is convenient when walking into or out of the room, it’s not the best situation for laying in bed and wanting more or less light.  And, we I am lazy, and usually hate to get out of bed to turn off the light.

Our ceilings are very high, which means there is a lot of space between the top of the headboard and the ceiling.  I love the look of sconces above a headboard, and did not want bedside lamps because they would not add enough height to the room.  Because I was not going to install “The Clapper”, I set out to find sconces fit for our bedroom. 

I found Aläng on the Ikea website and decided that he would be my best option and ordered two of him sight unseen. Risky, I know! (or about as risky as two $19.99 wall lamps can possibly be.)  But, it worked out –  he is chic and neutral…and neutrals are key for easing Boo into home improvement projects.

I’m thinking Ikea was inspired by these or maybe these?  

Enter: Ikea’s Aläng wall lamp.  

Tools you will need:
Aläng wall lamps
2 B-type bulbs
1 power drill
4 screws 
1 measuring tape (or ruler)

1. Remove all of the pillows and duvets from bed (this just makes it easier if you need to stand on the bed) 
2. Look at the space you are trying to fill (in our case this was between the painting and headboard) and decide where to place your lights (in our case, 1″ from the edge of the headboard and 9″ from top of the headboard) 
3. Place the back plate of the lamp on the wall, and begin to drill the screws into the wall*
4. Fit the base of the lamp into the back plate
5. Once the base is stable and securely in place, screw in the bulb and connect to a power source
6. Fit the white circular shade holder (I just made up that name) over the light bulb
7. Gently place the shade (with the seam facing the wall) over the bulb, resting it on the circular shade holder

*A note on drilling: most hand held drills are slightly magnetic, meaning a nail will stay on the drill bit without you needing to hold it.  But, it is not a strong hold, so it’s important to guide the screw and continue to hold it as you begin drilling.  Once the screw is partially into the wall, you are able to let go. 

Here I am drilling a nail into the plate (I am holding it at the beginning):

Here is the white circular shade holder over the bulb:

In the interest of full disclosure, I feel as if I should tell you that I am not entirely sure if this is the correct way to set up the lamps.  For a change, the Ikea directions are not clear (just kidding – can anyone ever understand those little sketches?) and I couldn’t find supplemental information online.  But, this is how I did it, and for now it seems to be working.

Here is a close up of the lit sconce:

Here is a close up of the sconce when it’s off:

Here’s the final product where you can see the sweet warm light they give off:

Remember when I mentioned we had 9 pillows on our bed?  There they are in all their glory…don’t they look cozy?  I think so too!  Now we just have to get Boo on board…

And here’s one more shot where you can see the distance between the sconces and the ceiling:

How is your bedroom lit?  Are you installing new lighting?  Please let me know about your projects, I’d love to hear from you! 

The Future Mrs. Wolf

  • bettina

    I love your pillows – my hubby hates decorative pillows and I drive him nuts by always buying more, hehe. You did a great job wth the sconces… we are currently tackling our bedroom and I haven’t even thought about the lighting situation yet because it’s old construction and we only have 2 (mismatched) lights in the ceiling. :-/

    • The Domesticated Wolf

      thanks! why do guys dislike decorative pillows so much? i literally cannot get enough! i’ll be interested to hear what you do with your bedroom. good luck, xx!!

    • bettina

      Seriously! I think pillows bother him because he hates having to take them on and off. Which I understand, but beauty is pain! 😛