How to Clean Your Microwave


I’m a bit of a clean kitchen nut, which of course, includes the microwave.  And that leads me right into the question: how do you clean your microwave?  Honestly, I am curious.  I like this stuff.  Well, really I enjoy chatter of all kinds.  But, who doesn’t love a good juicy conversation about a microwave?  OK, I’m willing to admit that maybe I am alone here.  But, really – no one wants to be in that position where your guest says “oh, I’m just going to re-heat my coffee” and then she opens the microwave and sees a year of over-boil and splatter scenarios. 

I was initially slightly ashamed to show you the “before” microwave…but then I realized I already showed you my bathroom which obviously includes a toilet.  So, really… the jig is up.  

We had a bit of a tomato sauce explosion situation due to re-heating lasagna one night:

It might not look too bad to you.  But, you’ll have to trust me – it was not good.  So, I collected these items:

Tools you’ll need:
Clorox disinfecting wipes
Windex multi-surface cleaner (I prefer the vinegar version, but use what you have)
One microwave safe bowl
Oven mits (similar to these at BBB – coupon eligible, obviously!)

1. Fill a microwave safe bowl with water and Windex (at least 10 sprays or a 2 second pour)
2. Spray the microwave with Windex if the mess is very bad or if it’s been a while since you cleaned it
3. Place the bowl in the microwave and put on high for 5-7 minutes depending on your microwave. You want the water to boil and bubble over. This creates a sauna-effect in the microwave, and the Windex-steam combination helps loosen the stuff stuck inside, which will help the cleaning spray remove all of the particulate. 
4. Using oven mitts, remove the bowl from the microwave (be careful, the water will be hot!)
5. Remove any grates or trays from the microwave and place in the sink so that you can clean every edge 
6. With a Clorox wipe, clean the microwave by wiping the walls, ceiling and floor (I just made that up, do microwaves even have those things?) and continue until the space is clean
7. Wash the metal grate (if your microwave includes this) and the rotating round glass plate in the sink
8. Put the microwave back together (grate and glass plate) and marvel at your beautifully clean microwave

Water and Windex:

 Ahh, clean microwave (!!):

Can you tell the difference?  How often do you clean your microwave?

The Future Mrs. Wolf
  • Anonymous

    Try simple green on paper towels and w/ a sponge. It cleans everything. Dilute strength as needed. Great in the BR and w/ the laundry. Removes stains! Has a nice scent. I’m hooked. Been using it for years.

    • The Domesticated Wolf

      thanks for the tip!

  • Sharoo Wengland

    Works like a charm!!

  • The Domesticated Wolf

    love it!