Makeup Brush Holders and Cleaning Tips


This is really important. Like, it’s critical.  In today’s installment of “things Boo finds completely useless,” we’re talking about makeup! What is more pressing? Right? Okay, maybe not…

I recently got a new Bobbi Brown brush set and realized I really didn’t like the carrier case the brushes came in. Unzip, remove, use, replace to the correct compartment, zip again.  Too many steps for a little shimmer brick on my cheeks. 

Now, I’m no professional when it comes to makeup applications. I leave that to people like my friend Danielle (a girl, and RD-to-be, with actual talent). But, if you’re like me, you have plenty of makeup brushes in your collection that need organization. 

I saw a Pinterest board using rice and dried beans to hold makeup brushes in small glass canisters. I took this idea up a notch – I used coffee beans: they smell good and look even better.  Need I remind you about my morning coffee routine?

What you’ll need:
Coffee beans, whole (about 1 lb.)
2 glass canisters or jars with wide mouths (likely procured at the Dollar Store)
Makeup brushes to fill them (I’m sure you have plenty of those, right?!)

1. Wash and dry glass canisters
2. Empty coffee beans into canisters, splitting evenly between the two*
3. Arrange your brushes — bristle side facing up (as in, not into the beans themselves)
4. Apply makeup as you normally would (I can’t shouldn’t give you advice on that…)

*if you only need one canister, try about 1/2lb beans. I found my beans in the self service coffee section of the grocery store. Of course Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and other coffee chops sell whole beans, but I was at the market and killed two birds with one stone. Efficiency!

My two glass canisters ($1.49 at the Dollar Store – big spender!): 

Close up:

Coffee beans:


Brushes in their canister #1:

Brushes in their canister #2:

Bird’s eye view:

Coffee beans visible:

Coffee beans, dollar store canisters, makeup brush and tulips…FTW!:

These glass jars sit next to my makeup products, across from the copper bowls. Remember those?

BTW, Danielle told me the best way to clean makeup brushes is to wash them with your regular shampoo.  3 easy steps: Rinse, soak, rinse.
1. Run brushes under water, and wash brushes with shampoo as if you were washing hair.  Rinse the bristles until the water runs almost clear
2. Close the drain on your sink and fill with clean water, add a bit of shampoo and tea tree oil (which is antibacterial) to the water and let brushes sit for 3-5 minutes 
3. Drain water, run brushes under cold water and dry overnight** on a towel

**it’s important to let the brushes dry overnight so that the bristles remain in good condition

Later down the line I might gussy these babies up with spray paint. But for now, this is how they’ll stay. 

How do you store your makeup brushes? 

The Future Mrs. Wolf
  • nRk

    I have to do this, my vanity drawer is a disgrace at the moment! Thanks for the inspo

    • The Domesticated Wolf

      I hope you like how they turn out! xx.