From Drab to Fab – The Spray Paint Edition

If you have been reading from the beginning, you are likely familiar with my affinity for a good can of spray paint and my studio.  If you are a new reader, welcome! 

In an effort to spruce up some dark wooden frames we had displayed around our apartment (including one for our menu wall), I took to my studio and got to painting!  

I chose silver for the small frame, and glossy white for the large frame.  Both are Rustoleum and the white contains a primer which is important for good coverage, especially when you are spraying anything dark with light paint.  If you need a spray paint refresher, head right over here.  

Just a casual Friday in my studio:

Here is where we started:

You may remember this finished product from the sea urchin post:

The new silver frame is home to The Pearl Jam 4…aka The PJ4.  If their name is not an indication, they all love Pearl Jam, and have since high school (Boo has been to more Pearl Jam concerts than I have total concerts).  I won’t post the photo in case any of them want to remain anonymous, but the group is made up of Boo and three of his best friends from growing up (BFFs/biddies/BBFLs!!) who all happen to have J names.  This, you will find, is wildly common in his friend group.  In fact, each of his 6 groomsmen have J names, and three of them have the same J name!  Six Js and a Boo – perfect!  Well, actually seven Js, if you know what I mean… 😉

This large frame was $5 at a local dollar store:

And now it is the proud recipient of a menu from Perilla which is where we went after deciding on our wedding venue.  Boo thinks this addition to the menu wall is a bit of a stretch.  While it doesn’t have the same importance as the day we got engaged, it was a fun dinner with my family.

The menu didn’t take up the entire frame space so I wrapped the backing with a piece of silver tissue paper from an engagement gift.  

 Then just close him back up…

Now the empty space between the menu and frame shows silver instead of cardboard.  This technique can also work with burlap or any fabric you like so long as the frame can close.  

Unrelated to menu walls – if you visitPerillatry the farro risotto…it’s good! 

Do you need to update some old frames?  What color do you prefer?   

The Future Mrs. Wolf