Peaks Island Engagement and Menu Wall

After dating for just shy of a year and half (8 days to be exact), Boo and I got engaged on October 20, 2012 on our beloved Peaks Island.  It was the best surprise ever…

We had a late flight from JFK to Portland, and had dinner at Gotham before heading to the airport.  Most all my friends who have gotten engaged told me their boyfriends had been so nervous and scattered right up to the engagement…many knew it was coming.  Boo was so calm and himself the entire time. We flew into Portland and had planned to charter a water taxi to the island.  However, due to gale force winds (can’t make this stuff up…) we had to stay at a local hotel.  This didn’t phase Boo either! The next day we headed to the island.

I won’t get into all the details (just a few!), but he got down on one knee on Maine’s rocky coast.  It was spectacular.  Just like my Boo…sorry, I had to!  

Boo had lugged small red pebbles from NYC to Maine so that he could make this (my new married name monogram) on the rocks:

We enjoyed champagne on the rocks before two ladies passed us in their golf cart and stopped after Boo shouted “she said yes!”  This is so Peaks Island…quintessential island life.  They took our picture and shared champagne with us.  It had been misting all day and we learned the old wives’ tale that a “wet knot is a tight knot.”  The light mist on our engagement didn’t deter us – we were getting married! I guess this is similar to “rain on a wedding day is good luck.” 

My family and Boo’s family were in on the surprise.  Boo had arranged for our families to meet us (and surprise me!) at dinner, post engagement. I had known that we were planning to eat at our most favorite restaurant in Portland, Maine: Fore Street.  But, I didn’t know our families would be there.  Both sets of parents and siblings (my sister Erica) and my aunt joined us.  It was so good!  We are big on family, and it wouldn’t have been the same with them.

My mum brought a chocolate cake for dessert, it reads: To a Lifetime of Happiness.  Don’t you think engagement cakes should become a thing?  Me too…

We have begun making a menu wall which displays menus from special events in our lives.  Appropriately, the first menu to be displayed is from our post engagement dinner at Fore Street.  We took home a clean menu and my mum and aunt picked out this beautiful brushed silver frame and navy blue mounting.  We just love it and now have it displayed in our apartment.

What do you think about our menu wall idea?  Do you keep menus from special dinners?  How did you get engaged?

The Future Mrs. Wolf
  • Juliet

    We keep all of our special menus too! Love the framing idea.

    • The Domesticated Wolf

      So happy to hear we aren’t the only ones who keep menus :)

  • D

    Love the meny wall! You should put an official plaque title and date on it! P.S. like all my helpful ideas? :)

    • The Domesticated Wolf

      thanks!! the plaque is a cute idea. most of the menus we have are actually dated — but great idea!