DIY Stereo

In our next home (you know: the one we gut, renovate and build exactly how we want), I plan to have a home speaker system.  This will allow me to stream Pandora’s Carrie Underwood station (actually, all country music stations) all day and hear them in every room!  Don’t worry – Boo is totally in on this.  He loves country music!  

Totally kidding…he does not.  

But until this happens, I am left to fend for myself!  Or, I can take fate into my own hands and transport Carrie anywhere I want.  Gosh, that sounds so creepy.  I promise I’m not creepy! 

The problem is, my current secondary stereo system (i.e., my iphone while I am in the shower) isn’t loud enough. We recently installed a rain shower, and it muffles my music. #whitegirlproblems I know…

Right now I have the living room/dining room (and by default the kitchen), taken care of in terms of speakers.  We recently got a surround sound set for the television, which streams Pandora and has a hook up for an iPhone or iPod.  But what is a girl to do when she wants to listen to music in the shower?

My solution?  I’ll give you a hint: it’s in your kitchen.  

What you’ll need:
1 glass with an opening large enough to fit a phone*
1 iPhone/iPod/any portable handheld music playing device

*I tested this with a  a short glassa stemless wine glass, and a tall glass.  Each worked, but the best sound – by far – came from the short glass.  

For those physics buffs out there (Are any of you reading?  I didn’t think so – not really the right platform I imagine…) the reason this works is very simple.  According to Boo: 

“Sound comes out of your iphone’s speakers in waves, and dissipates in the air. However, when you put the iphone into the glass, the sound waves bounce off of the walls, and are focused by the glass, which prevents their dissipation.  This is the same phenomenon as when you cup your hand near your ear to make things sound louder.” 

Here are pictures of the glasses —

The winner – a short glass:  

The runner-up – a tall glass:

The second runner-up (but my favorite of all the glasses) – a stemless wine glass:

Do you have any new house dreams?  Have you ever tried this trick?  Would love to hear from you…

The Future Mrs. Wolf
  • Anonymous

    I never tried this. What a good idea! Nancy