Copper Bowls


I have a slight obsession with pinterest (AKA where I find everything worth knowing)…as in I could happily spend hours (and hours and hours!) on the site.  Wedding, Cooking, DIY: it has it all!  That’s probably not something I should admit to on the interwebs.  But, moving on, I was inspired by these.  They are beauties, aren’t they?

Aläng Lights


The main lighting source in our bedroom is controlled through a switch by the door.  While this is convenient when walking into or out of the room, it’s not the best situation for laying in bed and wanting more or less light.  And, we I am lazy, and usually hate to get out of bed to turn

Hallway Closet Re-do


When I moved into my (then) boyfriend’s (now fiancé’s, but always my Boo’s) apartment last year, I was really happy and excited.  I was also really energized to “de-boy” some of it.  You know what I mean, right?  Dark wood everything, huge oversized furniture (not complaining, Boo – so comfortable!), and of course minimalist.  I, on the

Spray Painted Sea Urchin


I love spray painting – it’s a quick and easy way to update almost anything.   My fiancé and I took a trip to Target one weekend where I found this gem: He is a sea urchin from the Nate Berkus/Target collaboration.  Isn’t he cute?  I temporarily repurposed him as a ring holder, but that was short lived when

Bathroom Stripes


After seeing many similar projects on the Internet (from bloggers such as Young House Love, and of course on Pinterest), I was inspired to paint stripes in our master bathroom.  Then my friend Katy painted stripes in her hallway which further inspired me.  Don’t fall victim to thinking that painting a “small NYC bathroom” is an easy project.  Little