DIY Flowers (sort of…)

Have you ever displayed a bouquet of flowers, and a few days later some stems have died?  I find this often happens when there are two different colors of the same flower.  I attribute this to one color or variety being fresher than the other, but it’s just a guess.  I’m no botanist, just a gal with some common sense. 

Anyway, I hate to waste flowers.  Actually I hate to waste anything.  But, especially flowers.  So, what’s the solution to one variety dying before another? DIY another bouquet!  

This time, limited studio time is required…

1. Remove dead stems from vase, discard
2. Cut down the stems of the living blooms and place in another vase filled with water*
3. Place around your home

*I prefer to use smaller bud vases when I do this, because if there are not enough to fill a larger vase it will look scarce and silly.  I prefer round and rotund.  A revamped candle jar would work well, too.

Here’s where we started (the white blooms died first, and the pink lived on!):

Close up of the bud vases:

And another:

Bird’s eye view of our side table:

What do you do with flowers when some have died and some have not?  Hope you will try this idea and let me know how it works for you!

The Future Mrs. Wolf