I Am An Arteeest

OMG totally joking.  I’m literally the furthest thing from artist who has ever lived.  Ever! 
I have big dreams when it comes to DIY projects. Sometimes I recognize the impossibility of my plans, other times not. This would be a not

Do you remember our bedroom lamp installation? Well, there’s a very large painting centered between the two lamps, and for a while I’ve wanted to get my paws on that big boy. 

I presented my genius idea to Boo: I could paint a new piece of art for our bedroom, over the preexisting piece of art!

This was met with some skepticism (shocking, I know!). Boo suggested I try a smaller scale piece before committing to a huge painting for home display. How rational and how boring! But, we’re into compromise in this Wolf den, so we headed to Michael’s for supplies. Since this was my first contemporary non-spray painting project of any kind: I needed a canvas, paint brushes and paint! Duh. 

I’ve seen this type of art on Madebygirl, so I tried by hand at it:

Boo was my trusty assistant, refilling my seltzer throughout the whole project. Because really – how is an artist supposed to produce while dehydrated?  He also rinsed my brushes between colors, and complimented my artistic genius as I painted.  

We hung this painting on our picture wall in the hallway leading to our bedroom. Just to orient you, this is across from the hallway closets we painted and swapped out the hardware. 

I considered this project like an audition for a Broadway play, and I’m thrilled with the results.  I’m pretty sure I got the part!  I have grand ideas for our bedroom art: similar idea, different presentation. 

What do you think? Where would you display this?

The Future Mrs. Wolf
  • http://kickittogether.wordpress.com/ kickittogether

    good job rabbi!

    love your work, will you be selling? ha

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13380437309546151820 The Domesticated Wolf

      haha i will probably not be selling my art. unless you are asking me for a commission piece…in that case, yes! hehe joking 😉 xx.