Side Table Re-Decoration


There are many things I question with respect to builders’ decisions about where to splurge and where to save when constructing a new building. But one thing that gets me every time: overhead lighting. Why so scarce, sir?  Many an apartment lacks overhead lighting in rooms other than the bathroom and kitchen.

In our apartment we have overhead lighting in two hallways, the bathroom, kitchen, and dining area. But, the bedroom?* Nay. The seating area of the living room?  Nope. How am I supposed to “live”?! Natural lighting is amazing during the day, but how about the evening? Darkness!

*Remember how we worked around this issue in our bedroom? You can read that post here

We initially solved this problem in the living room by layering floor lamps. And it worked well until one day when it did not. You know that feeling of OMG I NEED A NEW ITEM, AND IF I DON’T GET IT I WILL MOST DEFINITELY EXPLODE?  Well, that moment arrived at our home and there was no turning back.  We I needed more lighting!

We headed to West Elm because I had seen a lamp I wanted to get my paws on.  It had a nice sized shade with minimalist lines – something Boo really appreciates in home decor. The only one still available was the floor model. And the simple glass base was filled with lots of moss.  Like it was basically exploding with moss. And moss is not welcome in our home (except these Mossy folk – they are always welcome!). We asked an associate to remove the moss and he very (very) reluctantly did so. Another problem? Floor model with no discount. Really West elm? Nay to the nay nay. This lady Wolf required a discount and a discount she got! 

So we schlepped home with the freshly de-mossed, discounted lamp and began our side table re-decoration.

In full disclosure, what happened next was totally all Boo. He’s a smart man!

We I had impulsively bought decorative ceramic balls to display around our home, but misjudged their size. So when they arrived, we really had no good place for them. Boo suggested we fill the lamp with these bad boys. 




The biggest improvement was definitely the addition of a lamp. After the lamp, it was just decoration. 

The stars of this show include:

1. A Waterford frame from my sweet aunts 
2. A geometric crystal frame from One Kings Lane 
3. West Elm lamp filled with C. Wonder ceramic patterned spheres 
4. Spray painted coffee beans 

Anyway (coming full circle here), one day I hope to install recessed lighting in the kitchen when my DIY skills improve to that level. And, If that doesn’t happen quickly, outsourcing it is! (Abe Stern, are you reading?!)

Do you like our update? What would you fill this type of lamp with?

The Future Mrs. Wolf
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    No recessed Lighting… Track lighting! -Abe Stern