Dryer Sheets

I was definitely a hoarder in my past life. Like without a doubt, I needed an intervention. I’m sure I only hoarded the finest things though, like avocados, diamonds and silver spray paint. That’s the life!

I love to repurpose things. Anything that has potential for another use, really. 

Exhibit A: dryer sheets

I use two in each load of laundry, which means by the end of the week, I have quite a few sheets to throw out.  But not before I use them for other purposes.  This is the certified pre-owned of home care, if you will.  Isn’t the term “used” so ugly?

1.  Baseboards —
I’ve already shared my trick for cleaning baseboards.  And I still do this often.  As in, at least once a week.  Just run the sheets over the baseboards to quickly freshen up.  Literally one sweet and you’re done! 

2. General dusting —
Dryer sheets attract dust like nobody’s business.  And really, my dust situation isn’t anybody’s business.  So it’s a good match.  I use dryer sheets to dust many a surface from furniture to picture frames to candles.  Have you ever noticed how dusty candles can get if left untouched?  One swipe of a dryer sheet and you’re set!

3. Mirror cleaning
— I have an issue with fingerprints on our bathroom mirror. We are lucky to have three very large mirrors covering our vanity cabinets which means they get a lot of action.  As in – which cabinet did I leave the Le Mer in?  I will open each one until I find it. Totally kidding, this is not a problem I currently have. Although I would love to have the problem of misplaced luxury skin products, Le Mer is currently not in my skincare regimen. Back to the important things!  After cleaning a mirror, I occasionally noticed pieces of the towel I used to dry the glass would appear on the mirror. Even, at times, the towels specified for mirror use! No go, folks. But I soldiered on, and discovered dryer sheets work wonders on mirrors — both in the drying department and the buffing department. If you’re a fingerprint-phobe like I am, you surely can understand my excitement when I discovered this trick. Just by running the sheet over the fingerprint, you can turn back time. Not a mark in sight. 

It goes without saying that as an added bonus that since most dryer sheets do not emit all of their heavenly scent in the dryer, your baseboards, picture frames, furniture and mirrors will begin to smell like “fresh rain” or “summer cotton” or in our case, “gardenia”. While I’m not suggesting anyone should smell your baseboards, I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy the clean scent. 

Have you ever tried any of these tricks?

The Future Mrs. Wolf
  • Anonymous

    Also great for dusting blinds- helps repel future dust:)