DIY Silver Sharpie Bowl


If you’re a big Pinterest fan (or maybe even if you are not) you may have seen the sharpie on ceramic DIY craze? The projects were quite impressive — and if you have nice handwriting, this could totally be great giftable! 

I wanted to try my paw hand at it…here’s what I came up with:

I’m big on catch-all bowls (and bags!) — isn’t it so much easier to have your rings or necklaces or earrings or keys consistently in the same place?


1. Clean and dry a white ceramic plate/bowl/mug
2. With your favorite color sharpie (I used metallic) draw or write on the ceramic piece
3. Let the ink dry, at least 10 minutes 
4. Place ceramics into a cold oven, turn on to 375 and let bake 30 minutes, turn off oven and let your piece cool (do not remove until it’s cold)
5. Be sure the ink is set by gently washing the piece  

simple tools, simple project

I found this bowl at a local dollar store, and it fit the bill

freshly baked, cooled and cleaned

piled high

close up 

make it your own! 

I don’t trust that this method is food safe, so I would not suggest doing this on a surface that will touch food (like the bottom of a bowl you intend to eat from). But, I have seen this done many times on the outer base of mugs.  Be sure you do not buy a washable sharpie (counterintuitive, I know…but they exist).  

I make it a habit of taking off my rings and necklaces as soon as I get home. This bowl sits on my bedside table — a perfect resting place for delicate baubles. And I’m thrilled with the whimsical results! Boo was just happy this project didn’t involve spray paint…

Do you use catch-all bowls? What color would you pick for this project? I’d love to hear about your bauble related DIY projects, and how you would use a bowl like this!

Mrs. Wolf

  • Anonymous

    Damn. I was gonna get you those sharpies as a wedding gift. Guess I better do a return! – Abe Stearn

    • The Domesticated Wolf

      You can never have too many metallic sharpies! 😉 xo.