DIY Flowers, Take Two


My future mother and father-in-law (the current Mr. and Mrs. Wolf) sent me flowers this week — so sweet!  The flowers were a large bouquet of purple and yellow tulips.  I love fresh flowers around the house, and this was a great surprise!

Remember how I keep flowers longer through DIY flowers?  Although I’m not a florist (by any stretch of the imagination…) this is the second installment of that…

The flowers stayed in our living room for about a week until I decided to split them up.  My sister came over for dinner and I wanted to gussy up the dining room table.  

Here’s where we started:

Then the yellow stayed in the living room:

And the purple got snipped shorter and mixed with some white tulips we already had at home:

From start to finish:

What do you think?  Do you like how I split the flowers up?  What’s your favorite flower?

The Future Mrs. Wolf