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blueberry yogurt smoothie

As a Registered Dietitian, clients always ask me how they can incorporate smoothies or other on-the-go meals into their daily routine.

While I very rarely suggest that a smoothie is the only option for breakfast daily, it can be a good option to rely on when time is tight and we’re rushing out the door – kids to school, dog needs a walk, parents to work – and things are busy!  I love the hashtag #ProgressIsPerfection – so true for all the moms (and dads!) out there!

One of the biggest challenges of smoothies is the lack of protein. This means we’re drinking too many unsatisfying calories – likely too rich in carbohydrates without enough true “staying power” to keep us full for hours beyond breakfast.

While I don’t only prescribe plant based diets, I do follow one myself and I love getting much of my nutrition from plant sources and even those who eat animal products can likely still benefit from incorporating more plant based proteins and foods into their plates.  Cholesterol is only found is foods of animal origin.  This makes plant and soy based products a great choice for those who choose to eat reduced saturated fat and lower cholesterol diets.

One of the easiest and fastest ways I add plant based nutrition to my day is with a morning smoothie that I can take with me to preschool drop off then onto my office. With 20g of plant based protein from yogurt, nut milk and fruit, it’ll keep me full until lunch – which is good because my days are packed with back to back clients and I need the energy!  Another benefits to yogurt? It’s a food rich in probiotics! Probiotics are the good-for-your-gut bacteria that help us stay healthy inside, digest food and can decrease bloat. Many people take probiotics in pill form – which is great – but you can also find probiotics in fermented foods and yogurts.

Silk soymilk yogurt alternative also very much improves the texture of the smoothie and adds 6g of protein per single serve cup.  Sometimes we add protein powder to smoothies, but this almost never is as creamy and thick and when yogurt is added.

I love that Silk offers nut free, soy free and of course dairy free options for those who follow such guidelines.

blueberry smoothie

Below is one of my favorite smoothie recipes:
1 cup plain soymilk yogurt alternative – 9g protein
1 cup nut milk – 10g protein
1/2 cup blueberries – 1g protein

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.