What I Ate Wednesday

Back again with more What I Ate Wednesday.  Curious about the past two weeks?  Check here and here

For breakfast I topped 1C of 1% Friendship Cottage Cheese with sliced strawberries:

And picked up Starbucks on the way to work (blonde, nonfat misto — so good!):

I was recently introduced to Beyond Sushi and stopped by to pick up a late-morning snack.  I don’t usually buy things that I can easily make (here’s my version of chia pudding), but I was really curious about their vanilla chia pudding…yum:

For lunch I brought a garbage salad: leftover roasted eggplant and potatoes, parmesan cheese, pumpkin seeds and grilled salmon (buried!):

I need to use up some produce, and brought roasted green beans, edamame and carrots for an afternoon snack: 

For dinner — salmon sashimi and seaweed salad:

 For dessert — almond butter and chocolate chips:

What did you have today?  Did we pick any of the same foods?

The Future Mrs. Wolf