What I Ate Wednesday

I’ve been seeing “What I Ate Wednesday” all over the interwebs.  Here’s my take on it:

Breakfast — 1C low fat cottage cheese with 1C mixed berries/cantaloupe  + coffee:

Morning snack — hardboiled egg:

Lunch — garbage salad (mixed greens, veggie burger, walnuts, edamame, diced carrots, olives, red onion, avocado and garlic) + string cheese (not pictured) + water:

Snack — 1/2C roasted chickpeas and 2C heirloom cherry tomatoes + water:

Dinner — skinny egg salad, garlic pita chips and mixed greens with olive oil and balsamic + water:

Dessert — homemade trail mix (raw almonds and walnuts, dark chocolate, raisins, cranberries):

Have you ever participated in WIAW?

The Future Mrs. Wolf