Chia Pudding

So for weeks. And weeks. And weeks I saw chia pudding all over twitter and pinterest.  Like me with a can of spray paint.  It was everywhere!

Do you know what chia seeds are?  They are the seeds from those little furry green “pets” from my (and maybe your) childhood.  Chia seeds are tiny little things bursting with nutrition: protein, fiber and healthy fats.  You know what that means…they’ll help to keep you feeling full for longer.  And that, my dear readers, is a very good thing. 

I like to let mine sit overnight…think of it as the overnight oats of the chia world.  The longer they sit, the more gelatinous they get…and that’s (another) good thing.  A very good thing! If you can’t wait overnight, let sit at least an hour while the pudding gels.

Ingredients for one serving:
1/2C skim milk or unsweetened almond (or soy milk – use whatever you like and have on hand)*
3tbsp chia seeds
1/2tsp cinnamon

optional add ons: 1 sliced banana or apple; 1tbsp: raisins, dried cranberries or PB2; 1/2oz: chopped walnuts or almonds; sweetener: honey, maple syrup or splenda

*This recipe is for a very thick pudding, if you would like yours slightly thinner, use 3/4C  milk (nutrition information below will change).

1. In a small bowl mix the milk and chia seeds, combine very well
2. Add in cinnamon and optional items, stir again**
3. Cover and refrigerate overnight
4. Enjoy, cold, the following day (you may want to add toppings here, instead of into the pudding)

**It’s important that you stir the pudding well because the seeds release their gelatin-like substance better when they are immersed in liquid.

What you’ll need:

Chia seed close up:

Nutrition information:

Chia and milk:

Keep mixing:

Adding in cinnamon:

Keep mixing:

In the nutrition world, we call this “spoon-thick,” you should just call it “good”:

Toppings added in at the end:

Nutrition information per serving made with skim milk, no sweetener:
210 calories, 24g carbohydrates, 10g fat, 11g protein, 13g fiber

Nutrition information per serving made with unsweetened almond milk, no sweetener: 170 calories, 16g carbohydrates, 11g fat, 6g protein, 14g fiber

When adding any extra fiber into your diet, it’s important to drink additional water and this is no exception.  Chia seeds are great mixed into smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, cookies or bars.  They’ll take on the flavors you add, so be creative and enjoy!  I’m thinking about making protein pancakes with them this weekend…

Have you ever tried chia seeds or chia pudding?  What do you add into yours?


The Future Mrs. Wolf

P.S.: Word to the wise…whatever you do, try not to drop the container of chia seeds.  You will drive yourself crazy trying to clean them up!  Not that I know first hand…