Thoughts on Weddings

From this New York Times article to this Huffington Post article, it seems like everyone is talking about weddings.  What’s up with that?  Obviously I want to be all up in that, I am getting married after all…

Just kidding, obviously not everyone is talking about weddings — but, it does pique my interest when I see all of the assorted write-ups, especially in places where I do not expect them! 

And it’s funny how things are timely — this weekend we’re doing more dress shopping, and we’re going to a food tasting!  Cannot. Wait. For. That. Times. Five. (CWFTx5 for my fellow abbreviation lovers out there!)

Here are some snippets taken from Lori Fradkin’s Huffington Post article about shifting attitudes toward wedding “traditions” — 

8. Black tie doesn’t necessarily mean ball gown. This is a wedding, not the Academy Awards. So while it’s smart to ask around to see if the hosts have any expectations or preferences, I’ve definitely worn short dresses to very formal weddings and haven’t been out of place.”

I have always worn short dresses to black tie weddings.  My wedding will likely be one of the only ones where I wear a long dress (unless I’m in a wedding requiring me to wear a long dress). I totally think the old adage that “long dresses are the only appropriate options for black tie affairs” has longgggg passed.  Long, short, in between – just be comfortable!  

“15. The bouquet toss is kind of an uncomfortable tradition. Even when I was single, I chose that time to go to the bathroom, especially as the group of eligible women started to dwindle. Or I would stand off to the side in the back of the group and let my less shy friends go after the flowers. There are few things in life that aren’t made better with Beyonce, but even “Single Ladies” doesn’t improve this particular situation. In fact, it always signaled to me that it was time to hide.”
Sorry, guests…no bouquet toss at this wedding!  Would you want to throw $300 in the air only to have it come smashing to the floor when no one actually catches it?  Me either. 

“18. A variety of appetizers is more important than a variety of desserts. No one is going to be all “Ugh, macarons” if you decide to end the evening on an extra-sweet note, but as long as you have a really awesome cake, you’re good. While everyone is mingling during the cocktail hour and hungry for the main course, however, they’re going to be excited to have options.”
Boo is big on the food.  And we aren’t into stations…so our cocktail hour is exclusively passed appetizers.  But, trust a girl when I say there will be plenty.

What do you think about long vs. short dresses?  The bouquet toss and cocktail hour?  I’d love to hear your thoughts…

The Future Mrs. Wolf