Quest Nutrition Bars

I love trying new foods — so when I kept seeing Quest Nutrition bars all over the interwebs, I knew I had to get my paws on a few.

Specifically, kiss my broccoli and healthy diva eats continuously sparked my interest on Instagram. Thanks, girls!!

So, last night after dinner I ran — literally ran, not figuratively ran — to GNC. Because I needed them. Like now. Similar to my side table redecoration, if it wasn’t right this second, it was too late!

Anyway, I ran and made it to GNC before they closed and picked up a few flavors: chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate peanut butter and cinnamon roll. 

I’ve only tried the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor, but it’s good…and tastes like a cookie…and doesn’t include illegal Passover ingredients…and is gluten free…and the chocolate melts in the microwave after only 10 seconds! YES! Also, it’s packed with protein and fiber so it’s a win-win for your tastes buds and waistline. And we both know that pair can be rare…

YIPPEE! A new goodie to add to my snack rotation.

Have you tried Quest bars? What’s your favorite flavor?

The Future Mrs. Wolf

  • bettina

    Not nutrition bar related – but your ring is amazing!! Even the back!

    • The Domesticated Wolf

      oh, thank you so much!! i love it!! xx.