Marley Spoon

purple cabbage and roasted potato salad | the domesticated wolf

It’s probably no surprise to any of you that I love to cook.  I’ve written a cookbook (coming out this spring!) and I cook every weekday night at home for me and my husband.  But as a new mom, sometimes I can use some help – even (maybe especially?) in the kitchen. The nice folks

Spinach Risotto with Garlic and White Beans

Risotto with Spinach, White Beans and Garlic | The Domesticated Wolf

I love making risotto – it’s easy and perfect for a crowd. This recipe for Spinach Risotto with Garlic and White Beans could not be more delicious.  I love adding white beans for extra protein – a great tip for both rice and pasta dishes. Lagostina asked me if I wanted to try their new Risotto Pot – a

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

pumpkin chocolate chunk coffee cake |the domesticated wolf

While I’m hesitant to add another pumpkin recipe to the already overflowing internet world of pumpkin, this recipe really is worth it.  I love serving coffee cake to brunch guests, and it’s a great food to bring when you are a brunch guest.  It’s easy to incorporate into almost any menu as it can be served

KRUPS SAVOY Coffee Maker

the best brewed coffee | the domesticated wolf

My old friend! Oh how I have missed you, coffee! I didn’t drink one sip of caffeine (coffee, soda, or tea) throughout my pregnancy.  So when I delivered my baby girl in August, I was more than ready for a big cup of the good stuff. My nana had a great love for coffee and

Truffled Pasta with Garlic and Olive OIl

pasta with garlic and olive oil | the domesticated wolf

My mother has been making a version of this recipe for years.  When she was helping me immediately after I had my daughter – though to be truthful it’s been almost three months and she’s still helping me – she made this dish often.  We aren’t huge pasta eaters in our house, but love to

Eggplant with Tahini and Pomegranate

middle eastern eggplant appetizer | the domesticated wolf

I cannot get enough of baby eggplants – their real name is Thai Eggplant, but isn’t “baby eggplant” cuter? This recipe for Eggplant with Tahini and Pomegranate is a delicious appetizer for a cocktail party, or even served as a side.  You may remember this recipe for another eggplant appetizer with feta cheese.  I have a

Crispy Speck Alto Adige Salad

crispy speck salad || the domesticated wolf

We are big brunchers in this house.  Since our baby girl was born last month, we have been eating at home a lot.  With guests coming to visit the baby, it’s been much easier for us to host than to go out.  I recently served this crispy speck salad, topped with a poached egg. We were

Zico Coconut Water

zico coconut water review

I was invited to InStyle Magazine’s #SummerSocial blogger event.  39 weeks (and 3 days, but who’s counting?!) pregnant…who doesn’t need a little pampering at that point in pregnancy?  The event was so fun – lots of vendors showcasing their products and plenty of food and drink.  My favorite was Zico‘s pineapple-flavored coconut water cocktail —

Warm Herbed Potato Salad

warm herbed potato salad | the domesticated wolf

Potato salad is a typical summer food – perfect for BBQs, potlucks and easy dinners.  But, really I’m not a mayonnaise potato salad person.  I am, however, a tangy potato salad person – and this warm herbed potato salad totally hits the spot for me. Remember this recipe for Dijon macaroni and cheese?  I’ve teamed

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

how to eat healthy while traveling

How to eat healthy while traveling?! I get asked this question from my clients all the time.  It can be challenging, but with a few tips and the proper mindset, you can definitely get through it!  Keep reading for my top 5 tips: Be Prepared It’s hard to make good choices at a highway rest