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Egg Salad on the Skinny


…in ounces and grams, use the measure that makes the most sense (typically what is listed on the nutrition label).  Here are some available at BBB (coupon eligible!)  The final product:…

Chobani Yogurt


…equal.  Let’s start with protein: if you look at the nutrition label on a yogurt container, some brands have 5g of protein per serving.  But Chobani  — oh no…they really pack…

How To Build A Cheese Plate

how to make a cheese platter

…pita chips, rosemary crackers) Place a small knife on the platter to make it easy for guests Label each cheese, optional In the platter above, I used manchego and sweet…

Vitalicious Pizza


…microwave: I really shouldn’t admit this on the interwebs, but I was barbaric and took a bite before cutting it: I tried also tried the meatless pepperoni supreme: In the category

Taste of Nature Giveaway!

…the supermarket chain, but also the food category. Real food! Eat it, my people! And Taste of Nature bars are made from real food and very much nutritionist approved. Did…

How To Make The Best Coffee

how to use a keurig machine

…coffee, no tea, no juice [yes to adult beverages…but that’s a different category]. But, this poses a bit of an issue for our kitchen. It’s a pain to brew an…