Domesticate Yourself: Coffee Table Essentials

jonathan adler match strike favorited by the domesticated wolf

I hope you liked last’s weeks Domesticate Yourself featuring kitchen gadgets.  Today I’m back with another Domesticate Yourself topic.  One that is near and dear to my heart: coffee table styling.  While I don’t always use our coffee table for…coffee, I do use it to highlight a few of my favorite things.  So, without further ado…coffee table essentials to share with you.

coffee table essentials

1. A match strike [or pretty matches]!  My sister and I both have this cute Jonathan Adler Match Strike.  It’s a decorative piece but also functional…win win.

2. Candles! I’m obsessed with these candlesticks from CB2.  So affordable and really pretty!

3. Fresh flowers!  I always have at least one bouquet in my apartment.  But, usually two or three: bedroom, kitchen, living room.

4. A versatile vase! This beautiful Baccarat crystal vase has become one of my favorite pieces.  It’s heavy! So be sure your don’t place it on a flimsy surface.

5. A beautiful frame!  This frame matches well with the decor in our home, and it ties back to the translucence of the coffee table.

6. A good book!  All of Andrew Zuckerman’s work is visually beautiful, and often a conversation starter.  This book is particularly lovely.

Are there any overlaps between your coffee table and mine?  What are your must-have-essentials?  I’d love to know! Happy hunting…