How To Make The Best Coffee

how to use a keurig machine

I’m a coffee lover.  There are really no other words.  I. Love. Coffee. And my husband? He doesn’t! Bless his heart, the man only drinks water.  No soda, no coffee, no tea, no juice [yes to adult beverages…but that’s a different category].  But, this poses a bit of an issue for our kitchen.  It’s a pain to brew an entire pot of coffee only to drink one or two cups and throw out the leftovers.  And it’s wasteful.  Plus, it’s New York City — so space is at a premium.  But there is a solution!  And there’s an easy way to make the best cup of coffee at home.

As I’m sure many of you know, Keurig makes single serving coffee makers.  Yippee!  And you can find nearly every coffee flavor, and brand in pre-portioned K-Cups.  They also offer a re-usable fill-it-yourself K-Cup which is my method of choice, and not just because it involves a little DIY.  The perfect cup of coffee, from the comfort of your home.

Assorted K Cups for the perfect cup of coffee

The Keurig comes with a water filter, so the water you use for your coffee is guaranteed to be clean tasting. It’s easy to select the size you want, based on your coffee cup.  In this case, I’m using my grandmother’s china which is a rather small cup [at least in 2014 terms], and I used the smallest setting. At a recent brunch, only two people were drinking coffee and this machine made it simple as can be to serve different flavored coffee to both people.

Plus the machine itself is not all that large – it’s a perfect size to sit comfortably on the counter top.  But, it’s also not so heavy making it easy to bring out of the cupboard if you choose not to visibly store.

keurig coffee machine review

how to use a keurig coffee maker

how to select the keurig setting you want to use

brewing coffee in the keurig coffee machine

the easiest way to brew coffee with a keurig

black coffee with homemade coffee cake

I served this Keurig coffee with my blueberry lemon cake — a perfect pair.

Keurig Coffee Pot  //  Placemats  [similar]  //  Plates  //  China  [similar]  //  Silverware

What kind of coffee maker do you use?  Have you ever tried the Keurig?  What’s your favorite K-Cup?


  • Nancy Erickson

    I have the baby Keurig and totally agree with your comments. I haven’t found a K-Cup I didn’t like..

    • thedomesticatedwolf

      Isn’t it the best? The baby Keurigs are so perfectly sized!

      All the best…MW.

  • Jayne

    I need to get one of these for the holidays! So much easier and I could offer everyone their pick of flavor.

    • thedomesticatedwolf

      Yes, it’s perfect for that (and makes you a great hostess!)

      All the best…MW.

  • Andrea

    one of the greatest inventions! …however, do you have suggestions on what to use to clean them? i have read so much on the bacteria and mold that can grown, but haven’t read too much on cleaning them!

    • thedomesticatedwolf

      I clean mine every time the water container is empty, and I only use purified water. I, too, have read about the bacteria growth, but I figure if I am cleaning it frequently that may help to cut down? Thanks for reading!

      All the best…MW.