What’s In Our Cart — Grocery Shopping


I’ve received a few questions recently along the lines of “what do you buy at the grocery store?”  Yesterday, you saw a few shots of my Whole Foods trip…but I didn’t show you nearly enough detail! 

I made a few stops yesterday: Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s — they are very close to each other in NYC, so it’s a quick stop from one to the other. 

From left to right:

All Whites egg whites
Chobani: 0% plain, 0% apple cinnamon (oh, how I love you so much!)
Trader Joe’s tomato sauce
Jarred roasted red peppers
Trader Joe’s high fiber penne pasta
Reduced fat Triscuits
Chocolate chip macaroons 
Skim plus milk
Whole Foods’ blue cheese
Whole Foods’ Parmesan cheese
1 loaf ciabatta bread 
White albacore tuna
Bag of raw walnuts (from Whole Foods bulk bins)
Bag of quinoa (from Whole Foods bulk bins)
Whole eggs 
Baby portabella mushrooms
Whole carrots
Green beans
Baby spinach
Jazz apples
Red onion
Friendship 1% cottage cheese
Morningstar Farms Asian veggie burgers
Dr. Praeger’s spinach pancakes

Second shot, couldn’t fit everything in!

Round two:

Peanut butter
Green apples
Skinny Cow vanilla sandwiches
Weight Watchers cookies and cream bar
Dunkin’ Donuts Hazelnut coffee
Daisy low fat sour cream
Laughing Cow cinnamon cream cheese
Aria vanilla protein powder
Trader Joe’s giant white beans in tomato sauce
Tumaro’s multigrain tortillas

What do you often buy at the grocery store?  Do we have any of the same items in our carts?

The Future Mrs. Wolf
  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13028961822597528955 Katie

    Yay for grocery shopping! I love seeing what other people buy!

    I always have chobani in my cart and I love the apple cinnamon too! Pear is fab as well!!

    ALways have fruit, veggies, silk almond milk, some type of veggie burger, eggs, and that is just to name a few 😉

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13380437309546151820 The Domesticated Wolf

      I have been meaning to try the pear! Silk almond milk is so good…

      Thanks for stopping by, xx.

  • http://www.soreyfitness.com/ Kalee

    I go once a week. I love Jazz Apples and Skinny Cows too! YUM!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13380437309546151820 The Domesticated Wolf

      Aren’t Jazz apples so good?? I love them with peanut butter!! xx.