Sunday Snapshots 3.24.13

Today is the first installment of Sunday Snapshots — pictures of things from the weekend!  Hope you enjoy…  

Boo and I took a trip to Target on Saturday and saw a few of these cuties: sugar and cream canisters for the kitchen. While we have no place for them (both physically and esthetically in our kitchen), they are sweet.  What do you think?

Little pup piggy bank:

What do you all think of this glass pillar candle holder?

Doesn’t this remind you of Michael Aram?  Not sure why there is graffiti in the background…Target must the new place for tagging?  Actually, don’t take my word for it – the only tag I know is a #hashtag on Twitter!

Have you heard of the Threshold line?  So cute!! We loved this textured shade and big glass base:

We stopped for pizza — so hungry!! I ordered a slice of white with sauteed spinach, blistered tomatoes and ricotta: 

Sunday afternoon I met my friend Marissa for lunch at Cafe Cluny

We started with grapefruit brulee, which was good but a little too sweet for me: 

I ordered an A-BLT hold the B, add an egg (such an easy customer!):

For whatever reason, the egg came on the side:

After lunch, I headed to Whole Foods to do a grocery shop:

Mussels on sale…yes!!

What did you do this weekend?  Hope it was relaxing…

The Future Mrs. Wolf