Save The Date!


We’ve now covered our engagement story and our wedding venue. The next logical topic is our save the dates, right? 

Like any normal control freak bride, I make lists to stay organized.  This project was no exception. 

Here’s my list of wants:
1. Informal
2. Simple
3. Location and atmosphere appropriate (I loved a grey and pink ombré stripe option I found online, but it spoke to me as Maine beach wedding, not NYC black tie)

Here’s my list of things I did not want:
1. Magnet*
2. A photo of me and Boo on the card
3. Something requiring an envelope

*Magnets are an ever-popular save the date option, but our refrigerator does not accept them. Is this a new trend in stainless steel?  Anyway, for this reason, magnets were out for us…

There are so many different routes to take with save the date cards. And Pinterest offers a plethora of cutsie ideas. I found about 79 I was keen on. Boo liked approximately 0 of them. And you know how the old adage goes – happy groom, happy…yeah I’ve never heard that either. 

All joking aside, I did, of course, want him to like our save the dates. I mean, he is the sweet man who shells 1/2C of edamame for me every night.  Because I can’t stop eating them in my lunch.  He’s a giver.  So…we compromised. No Pinterest inspiration (for this round at least). 

I considered sending a paperless post, but was vetoed by some voting members of our wedding planning committee.

Instead, I headed to — are you familiar with the site? I tried to make holiday cards on this site in November, but failed due to poor iphone picture quality. Dagger!  Next year will be better, once I can use our professional photos from Carly Michelle Photography has lots of options for cards of all types — from bridal to baby to personal stationary. And most cards allow you to edit the text, then providing you with a preview to see what your version will actually look like. Isn’t it so annoying when you can’t see a version of your finished product until after you buy? What if you don’t like it?! At minted you edit the card, receive a proof from a graphic designer, then approve it to move forward with production. No more uncertainties about what your stationary will actually look like! Yippee!

We settled on a blue postcard with the NYC skyline on the front of the card. There are lots of cute details, but I’ll spare you the intricacies of my requests to the designers at Minted. 

I ordered the cards on a Monday, reviewed and OK’d the proof on a Tuesday, and the finished product appeared at our door on Thursday. And I didn’t even pay for rush shipping! Well done, Minted!

Carefully packaged with bubble wrap:

Our save the dates:

What do you think?  Would you order from an online retailer? 

The Future Mrs. Wolf

p.s.: If you get one of these in the mail, hope we spelled your name right!  If we didn’t, blame Boo.
  • Ali Kleiner

    I love it! The NYC skyline is perfect. Very classy :) Congrats on the engagement!

    • The Domesticated Wolf

      thank you!! xx.

  • KC

    I ordered from for my save the dates and thank you cards. I went to a really cute small shop (still online) for my invites. My fam and I are big users of the online shopping world (shutterfly was where I created my wedding album) but then again my wedding was very small (20 ppl) and beachy (Puerto Rico) so I didn’t have to worry about formality.

    Your save the dates are beautiful and I am glad that I may get to add to my repertoire of online stationary stores. Congrats and I love the blog!! :)

    • The Domesticated Wolf

      thank you so much!! i’ve heard great things about a beachy PR wedding sounds amazing, congratulations to you!! xx.

  • Unknown

    I felt the same way about not having a magnet…I hate having to tape magnets to my fridge :(

    We got ours yesterday! Very cute and suited to your wedding! (And Boo spelled our names right!)

    • The Domesticated Wolf

      right?! it’s so frustrating!! happy you got yours…and we spelled Garf correctly 😉 xx.

  • Laur R Garf

    ^^^That is my comment (I don’t know why it says Unknown)

  • Anonymous

    Did you hand write the addresses on your save the dates?