How To Ripen An Avocado


Have you ever needed an avocado for a recipe (click here for ideas), but the only ones available are rock hard and the furthest things from ripe? Me too. And, HELLO, when you need an avocado, you need an avocado!  I know these are first world problems at their prime. And if an unripened avocado is your

Chobani Yogurt


I’ve been loving Greek yogurt for a long time.  But when I was introduced to Chobani, there was no turning back.   First of all, not all yogurt is created equal.  Let’s start with protein: if you look at the nutrition label on a yogurt container, some brands have 5g of protein per serving.  But Chobani  —

Almond Protein Oats


Oatmeal is big in the blogosphere, but it’s also big in the Wolfosphere.  Is that a thing?  It is now…Sometimes I assemble this breakfast the night before and place it in the refrigerator, to make it easier in the morning.  But, to be honest, its a quick preparation.  Oatmeal makes for a great breakfast because of

Sunday Brunch


Today my parents and sister and I went to brunch at EJ’s on the Upper East Side.  EJ’s is super casual and very tasty.  EJ’s is a neighborhood favorite — but especially popular for weekend brunch. I had a version of huevos rancheros: A poached egg with black beans, cilantro, cheese and salsa: My dad had (his favorite!) oatmeal, and

Our Wedding Venue


Now that you’ve learned about our engagement, it’s time to talk wedding!Boo and I are getting married on November 9, 2013 in NYC at Studio450.  The venue is a stark white, two-story loft.  This is a very “New York” space, and is not your typical wedding venue. There are large windows with 270 degree views of

Sushi With My Girls


Last night a friend and I went for sushi at Momoya in Chelsea.  I’ve known this girl since our days at boarding school in New England.  She recently moved to a new apartment, and we were due for a catch-up sesh.  Duh, sushi with my girls, obvz!! Just kidding. Kind of.  Or at least as much

Bistro Dinner + How-To Dress a Salad


For the past two nights we had another “bistro” dinner. I love when French restaurants (and others of course, but mostly French because they seem to do everything better) serve eggs with a simple salad.  And who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? While not necessarily traditional French cuisine, crispy egg whites are tasty and healthy. Most

Schmear – It’s What’s for Brunch


I’m bowing out of the kitchen on this one. I can make a lot of things – but bagels are not one of them.  At least not yet…  If you’re looking for NYC’s best bagels, look no further than Pick A Bagel on 23rd and 3rd. Boo and I have been coming to this location since

Scallops + Potatoes + Brussels Sprouts


I pride myself on making simple, tasty and healthy weeknight dinners that I can get ready with little effort after a long day at work (Do you hear that sound? That is me patting myself on the back).  But every now and then, a girl wants to treat herself.  I had a little bit of

Brioche French Toast


If you read last night’s post, you’ll likely remember I promised you brioche French toast.  And that’s just what I made for this morning’s breakfast.  French toast is stick-to-your-ribs goodness.  Every once in a while won’t hurt you…girl’s gotta live, right?  Ingredients for two servings: 4 thick slices brioche (really, any thickly sliced bread will