Homemade Mimosa Bar

how to make your own mimosa bar

A few weeks ago, I was hosting a handful of girlfriends for a weekend brunch.  In my house, what’s a brunch without a mimosa (or a bloody mary…)?  This homemade mimosa bar was a hit with my guests, and I will definitely be making it again! I used a black lacquer tray as a base for the glasses, fresh flowers and champagne bottle.  Once the girls started to arrived, I popped open the bubbly and started assembling the drinks.

I used Bai5 instead of juice to save calories and sugar.  Because I offered a few different flavors, each girl was able to customize her own drink. This was a DIY project everyone wanted in on!

how to make low calorie mimosas

I picked Bai5 Sumatra DragonfruitBai5 Congo Pear, and Bai5 Panama Peach.  With so many different flavors, no one missed the traditional orange juice.  And it was fun to create a special cocktail.

fresh fruit mimosas

I added fresh pineapples and fresh pitted cherries to each of the drinks for an extra boost of flavor.

how to make a mimosa bar at home

Have you ever made a homemade mimosa bar? What’s your favorite brunch cocktail? Have you ever tried Bai5? Hope you enjoy…