Everything About Sprouted Almonds and A Spruts Giveaway!


Today I am so excited to host a giveaway for you lucky readers from the lovely gals over at Spruts Sprouted Nuts!  Have you ever heard of sprouted nuts?  Well read on for a bit more information from Spruts Sprouted Nuts!

Spruts are the better almond! Sprouting mimicks the germination process and unlocks high concentrations in essential vitamins and minerals. The result is a clean, delicious and nutritionally dense snack.  These sprouted almonds are nothing but almonds and salt.  Talk about clean eats!

Spruts can be purchased online by sending the company an email to info@sprutsnuts.com.  And for everyone who is local to New York City — they hand deliver.  What service! 8 oz bags are $10 and 4oz bags are $5.  

sprouted almonds on green plate

healthy sprouted almond snack with berries

why are sprouted almonds so healthy

I’m a huge fan of all nuts in general…but almonds hold a very special place in my heart.  Rich in healthy fats, fiber and protein, they are a perfect on-the-go snack!  Find out how to enter this giveaway below…

Good luck!


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  • sarah

    I like to eat almonds in my oatmeal!

    • thedomesticatedwolf

      yum! delicious. thanks for entering!


  • Rosie

    I’d like to eat them plain, for an evening snack! They look sooo good!

    • thedomesticatedwolf

      they are a fabulous evening snack! these are delicious! good luck and thanks for entering!


  • Minimalistpantry

    I like to eat them toasted in my homemade granola!

    • thedomesticatedwolf

      Me too! So good. Thanks for entering and good luck!


  • Amanda J

    I would add them to my smoothies or on top of my salad

    • thedomesticatedwolf

      almonds in smoothies are delicious! thanks for entering and good luck!


  • Jenna O

    I would snack them with bananas :p

    • thedomesticatedwolf

      another favorite! so good! thanks for entering and good luck!


  • Brittany Koelmel

    Id snack on them plain! in class:) hehe

    • thedomesticatedwolf

      A great brain food! Thanks for entering and good luck!