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Copper Bowls


…want to apply tape or spray paint to a damp surface 2. Apply the painters tape around the rim of the bowl (you can decide how thick or thin you…

Spray Painted Sea Urchin


…took him to “my studio.”  Unfortunately living in NYC does not offer us the luxury of a backyard, or a private garage where I can easily spray paint to my…

Silver Coffee Beans


…and got to it. But, like many DIY projects, this was not seamless. I couldn’t get the spray paint to stick! And at the time I didn’t have a sophisticated…

Lacquered Boxes


…comforts of my apartment, scurrying like a homeless lady into a stairwell with a cardboard box and a can of spray paint, and then casually slinking back home, as if…

Hallway Closet Re-do


…agrees to all my crazy requests (spray painted coffee beans! 500 candles! 500 more pictures! 9 pillows on the bed!  I could go on…but you get the picture).  He is…

Bathroom Stripes


…After seeing many similar projects on the Internet (from bloggers such as Young House Love, and of course on Pinterest), I was inspired to paint stripes in our master bathroom.  Then…

Silver Scalloped Bowl


…decorative edge around the bowl, and of course I was going to use spray paint.  Hello! What else is there in this world, right? Just kidding…sort of.  Actually not kidding…

Engineer Prints


…1 tube stick glue or spray adhesive Heavy books 3m command strips or metal wire plus tape and 1 nail Directions: 1. Edit your photo to black and white 2….

I Am An Arteeest


…and for a while I’ve wanted to get my paws on that big boy.  I presented my genius idea to Boo: I could paint a new piece of art for…